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Hey LUNAtics! We're thrilled to introduce you to an absolute game-changer for this year's festival – the Woov app. Get ready to take your festival experience to new heights with this digital companion designed to make your LUNA Fest journey unforgettable, all while embracing sustainability.
Arts Revelstoke has made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of REVY.Live Outside performances this summer.
A wild night of music that kicks off the LUNA Fest weekend.
Get Ready for an Unforgettable Summer of Live Music at REVY.Live Outside!
She offers a catalogue of tender flower folk with a splash of piss and vinegar, at the forefront of a new generation of storytellers.
Don’t let the relative youth of Clayton & Joelle parsons fool you—they are old souls with a sound that transcends time. Their genuine country-roots style is reminiscent of the ‘60’s American folk revival scene that birthed Joan Baez, Emmylou Harris, Pete Seeger, and Peter, Paul & Mary. 
You might hear the tunes of the Misery Mountain Boys drifting from behind a rotating bookcase of a 1930’s speakeasy.
The Soul Motivators are here to restore your faith in funk. A fresh take on a classic sound, they blend 1970s funk and soul, psychedelic jams and hip-hop breaks.
Together, Bardic Form are storming the REVY.Live Outside the stage with "The Spaniard" for an unforgettable performance. 
Kaeley Jade is a Métis singer/songwriter, actor, and multidisciplinary artist based in Edmonton, Alberta (amiskwaciwâskahikan)