Guerrilla Gigs

Guerrilla Gigs is a summer concert series of secret shows held at some of Revelstoke’s most iconic locations. 

The theme is Canadian folk/alt sit-down-on-a-blanket-at-sunset tunes. 2020 featured 4 bands from Revelstoke and 4 from neighbouring cities. Shows were announced just one week in advance and the limited tickets were snapped up in a matter of minutes. 

For people who didn’t get to attend live, the concerts are captured on video, you can check them out at the Arts Revelstoke YouTube Channel

Guerrilla Gigs will be back this summer 2021 with some new talent in some magnificent locations. Concerts occur midweek from July 1 to August 31 and tickets will be released closer to the event.

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Past Gigs

August 26, 2020
August 19, 2020
August 12, 2020

2020 Guerrilla Gigs

Guerrilla Gigs #1
Jared Wayne feat. Nik Winnitowy – The first gig had a steep learning curve, including rain and recent bear sightings during setup. Randy did countless trips on the ATV to cart all the sound gear to and from our stage nestled in the forest. Aside from 2 or 3 drops of rain, the show went off without a hitch. Our optimism was showing.
Guerrilla Gigs #2
Practically Bros – We heard rumours of a gorgeous backyard on the Illecillewaet river with homeowners excited to see live music. The sun was out in full force, along with one of the neighbour’s dogs. The natural grassy amphitheatre was a beautiful spot to sit and watch a show.
Guerrilla Gigs #3
Myra Morrison and Denis Severino – This gig was originally planned to be inside the barn, but a last-minute decision (as we were setting up) to move the show to the back porch of the barn proved to be a smart move. Somehow the sky decided to cooperate and we were given a picture-perfect sunset behind the mountains as the bluegrass music inspired a couple pairs to go barefoot dancing in the meadow.
Guerrilla Gigs #4
The New Dignitaries – Without a doubt, this was the most ambitious location of the series. Our crew and volunteers diligently carried heavy/expensive/awkward sound gear to be perched on the edge of a cliff up on waterworld (don’t worry, we ensured nothing/nobody was anywhere near in danger of falling off the edge). A couple of climbers and paddleboarders happened to get a free show that night
Guerrilla Gigs #5
Celeigh Cardinal – This was our first full band of the series, so we thought we’d pick a less ambitious location this time around. The band set up in front of an old train car at the Railway Museum and got a warm Revelstoke welcome from the hot August sun, which also super-heated said train car (sorry, drummer!). For better or worse, halfway through the set they were cooled off by a malfunctioning sprinkler system. This prompted a quick acoustic number while the sound team scrambled to make sure all the electronics were unharmed. Ultimately, this gig would win the prize of the most “guerrilla” Guerrilla Gig, and Celeigh and her band somehow graciously rolled with the punches through everything.
Guerrilla Gigs #6
Shred Kelly – With their lineup almost halved due to unavoidable health concerns, the band took the opportunity to provide a rare intimate performance of their much-loved songs. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky that evening, as guests watched the band silhouetted in the sunset on the patio at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort midstation lodge. The toe-tapping was contagious and everyone had a big grin on their sunlit faces.
Guerrilla Gigs #7
Mariel Buckley – Taking a break from the sun-saturated hot early-August gigs, we found sanctuary in a large undeveloped parcel of land in Johnson Heights. If you looked closely, you could see the backyard where we had the second Guerrilla Gig – an opportunity to look back on the early gigs that felt like years ago. The weather was as cool and moody as the guitar playing, but the crackling fire and Mariel’s knack for storytelling provided plenty of warmth.
Guerrilla Gigs #8
Old Soul Rebel – The water from the dam had finally gone down enough to utilize Revelstoke’s sprawling flats. It seemed we were not the only ones with the idea, and had to change our location that very afternoon to not disrupt the several families having a nice evening in our original location. The backup location turned out to be arguably better, with the still water reflecting the setting August sun behind the familiar mountains. The band rocked the house and was a high-energy finale to the series.

Guerrilla Gigs 2021

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