The Very Hungry Caterpillar

hungrycaterpillar 2019 1

JoinMermaid Theatre for this wonderful puppet show, entertainment for the whole family. Three beloved stories by Eric Carle, award-winning children’s book illustrator and author, are retold on stage through the magic of black light and fanciful puppets. The Very Hungry Caterpillar follows the wonderful adventures of a very tiny and very hungry caterpillar as he […]

Fireflight by Circus West

fireflight circus 2019

FIREFLIGHT is a circus parable that tells the tale of a young humming bird fighting a raging forest fire. Inspired by her actions, the other animals in the forest assist and, through compelling circus artistry, help the humming bird protect their fragile environment.Western Canada’s top circus talent combines graceful aerials, choreography,acrobatics, flight, masks, and contemporary […]

A Christmas Carol by Dufflebag Theatre

AChristmasCarol 2019

Dufflebag Theatre is back with their production of a Christmas favorite! Penny-pinching miser Ebenezer Scrooge is well known across Victorian London for being far more interested in making money than friends. Above all else, he hates Christmas time and its spirit of giving. But on one particular Christmas Eve, several spirits give Ebenezer the surprise […]

The Troll Grandfather by Axis Theatre

AxisTheatre 2019 3

Axis Theatre brings you, The Troll Grandfather is an epic adventure about a 9-year-old girl named Sandy Nardini and her Grandfather. Sandy is forced to stay with her Grandpa for the whole summer and is not pleased about it. But one night, Sandy uncovers a secret that will change her life – Grandpa is a troll! Faced […]

The Nutcracker by Ballet Victoria

ballet victoria 2018

Join the professional dancers of Ballet Victoria and the young dancers of Revelstoke as they take you to a fantasyland of music, wonder, movement and joy. The Nutcracker delivers beautifully executed dance, brilliant costumes,complex choreography, and a slice of humour. Enjoy this sell out Christmas delight with the whole family.This performance will feature Ballet Victoria’s12 […]

Uzume Taiko

uzume taiko 2018 2

Uzume TaikoKnown around the world for their bold music, humour, and theatrical stage presence, Uzume Taiko have hand crafted a unique brand of West CoastCanadian Taiko drumming that offers a unique experience to their audience. With its powerful synthesis of music, movement and theatre, Uzume Taikoh as won fans throughout the world. Uzume Taiko has […]

Robin Hood by Dufflebag Theatre

robin hood dufflebag

Since 1992, The “Nearly World-Famous” DuffleBag Theatre has traveled the globe with their original adaptations of fairy tales and classic stories. With wit and humour for all ages, DuffleBag creates theatrical magic by inviting up audience members as the stars of the show! The result is an exciting, interactive and unique experience for all. “The […]

Munsch Upon a Time

munsch upon a time 2017

Get ready for fairy tales and time travel when Robert Munsch stories come to life on stage with the help of Professor Pim’s Time Machine! You’ll be beamed back into the past and forward into the future with lots of high-octane energy and loads of laughs. Experience three classic stories from Canada’s most beloved children’s […]

The Nutcracker by Ballet Victoria

ballet victoria 2017

Let Ballet Victoria will whisk you away to a fantasyland where nothing exists except you, the music, and the wonder-filled story. The Nutcracker delivers everything you expect from a Ballet Victoria performance: beautifully executed dance, brilliant costumes, complex choreography, and a bit of humour as the night unleashes into a whirlwind of unexpected vignettes and […]


petrouchka 2017 2

Petrouchka Motus O Dance Theatre Performed to the original score by Igor Stravinsky. Petrouchka is the story of a little clown with a big heart. He is in love with the Ballerina, but his clumsy attempts to impress her takes him on an outrageous adventure that unfolds with no end of calamity. Petrouchka may be […]