Meet Stacie Byrne, Arts Revelstoke’s New Executive Director

Meet Our New Executive Director

We at Arts Revelstoke are thrilled to announce our new Executive Director, Stacie Byrne. With a robust background in organizational coaching, community engagement, and a strong commitment to enhancing the local arts landscape, Stacie is an ideal fit for Arts Revelstoke.

Stacie’s journey is a testament to her dedication to community welfare and the arts. She expressed her connection to the performing arts in her cover letter, having volunteered as an usher at Revelstoke’s Performing Arts Centre a decade ago. Throughout her career, Stacie has been instrumental in initiating and leading various community projects, demonstrating her commitment to making a meaningful impact.

Stacie’s professional journey includes an Executive role with Revelstoke Community Foundations, Project Lead for SharedCare BC, and Co-owner of Revelstoke Osteopathy & Wellness Clinic.232A3233 2 scaled

What is your relationship with arts and culture, and what inspired you to join Arts Revelstoke?

“My relationship with arts and culture, particularly music, has always been a constant in my life, although it has varied in intensity throughout the years. From ballet lessons, vocal competitions, sculpting, painting, and school plays as a child, to singing with the Kingston Choral Society and the Orchestra during my Graduate School days, to performing at Aprés at the Rockford or singing in the community choir during my years in Revelstoke, the arts have always been there for me. However, what inspired me to join Arts Revelstoke was not purely about my relationship with arts and culture. I joined Arts Revelstoke to be a part of leading a local organization that, through its work to create space for Arts and Culture in Revelstoke, has provided that which is vital to our sense of connection, belonging and well-being.”

What is your vision for the organization?

“I am deeply committed to Arts Revelstoke’s vision to ‘raise our profile as a professional arts organization through vibrant, diverse and innovative cultural programming.’ I will support Arts Revelstoke to achieve this vision while fearlessly committing to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility. Our commitment to EDIA will come through in our cultural programming, which is aimed to provoke, inspire, and give us time to pause and reflect. My vision for the organization is to be a vehicle for EDIA change both in and through the arts.”

What are some goals you are interested in achieving?

“My goal is to continue to provide exceptional festivals, performing arts, music, theatre, ballet, kid’s shows, community engagement projects, public art and school programming that the community has come to know and love while ensuring that we are doing so using an Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility lens.”

Professional life aside, what do you like to do in your free time?

“I have worn many hats in my professional life, ranging from co-owner of Revelstoke Osteopathy & Wellness, owner and operator of an Organizational Development Coaching and consulting business, and at different times throughout my career, advocating for resources for equity-denied groups.

When not working or volunteering, you will find me on the Roller Derby track as Stacie 3rd Degree Byrne, on the Nordic Ski trails either on Classic skis or attempting Skate skis (hopefully – this being my third year attempting skate skiing – I will finally make it a full loop!) or studying French to achieve my 5 year goal to be bilingual.”

Having lived in Revelstoke for a while, what’s one of your favourite things about our community?

“One of my favourite things about the community is that, even after living here for 10 years, I’m still meeting new people, discovering new faces and places, and finding new ways to grow. This humility and the members of our community are what will support me in this new role as I seek opportunities for collaboration, learning, and being inspired.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Arts and Culture have the power to inspire us; it provokes us to reflect and ask meaningful questions and unite us in ways that we didn’t think were possible. I can’t wait to get started!”

Please join us in welcoming Stacie to the Arts Revelstoke team!

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With a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in communications, journalism and adventure studies, Nora is an expert at connecting with audiences. She’s worked as a guide, journalist, copywriter and freelance writer. Nora moved to Revelstoke in 2021 for its proximity to adventure activities but stayed for the vibrant community. As an art enthusiast, she appreciates the huge role Arts Revelstoke plays in building the diverse, cultural arts community she has come to know and love. She’s excited to join the team and use her skills to tell Arts Revelstoke’s story.



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