The Sadies


November 03 2018


7:30 pm

One of the most accomplished bands to emerge from the NorthAmerican indie and roots rock scene,the Sadies are an eclectic group comprised of singer/guitarists brothers Dallas and Travis Good,bassistSean Dean and drummer Mike Belitsky. They’ve crafted a distinctive sound, absorbing influences from traditional country, surf music, and garage rock, and bending it into something unique with their estimable instrumental skills.Having been on the music scene for more than 20years, their music is truly awe inspiring.Much of their show is purely instrumental with intense melodic layering between the two guitarists, usually culminating in a rollicking staccato country blues solo.

“The Sadies are Canada’s greatest living rock band.”- Cam Lindsay, Noisey Vice 

Tickets: $25

Current Interior Health regulations permit the theatre to operate at 50% capacity.

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