Uzume Taiko

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Uzume TaikoKnown around the world for their bold music, humour, and theatrical stage presence, Uzume Taiko have hand crafted a unique brand of West CoastCanadian Taiko drumming that offers a unique experience to their audience. With its powerful synthesis of music, movement and theatre, Uzume Taikoh as won fans throughout the world. Uzume Taiko has […]

La Monarca by Flamenco Rosario

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Flamenco Rosario brings the rhythm and song of flamenco to Revelstoke. Flamenco is a highly expressive dance form that combines dance, guitar playing, and singing. Hand-clapping, sweeping arm movements, and percussive feet stomping characterize the dance that is also known for its vibrant and eye-catching costumes. The monarch butterfly’s sleepy transformation from its caterpillar stage […]

Alex Cuba

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Alex Cuba is a Latin Grammy/Juno winner and singer-songwriter who is not tied to tradition; he has a vast musical vision. His sugarcane-sweet melodies, pop-soul hooks and powerful guitar riffs relinquish a conventional stereotype that exemplifies much of the Latin music landscape. Born Alexis Puentes in Artemisa, Cuba was immersed in music at a very […]