Introducing the ‘LUNA RISING’ limited-edition t-shirt by Kate Shea

In June, Kate Shea submitted her “LUNA RISING” design to the 2023 LUNA Fest Poster Competition. The LUNAtics were over the moon for all three finalist’s designs, but there could be only one winner. However, in the spirit of this year’s theme of Growth, we’re releasing Kate’s piece as a limited edition t-shirt so you can take home your very own piece of LUNA artwork. 

“My piece is quite literally a Luna Moth rising to the glow of a full moon. In my experiences at LUNA, I always felt a bit like a moth to a flame while walking around and experiencing all the arts and culture this festival provides,” says Kate. “Sometimes, I would just take a minute to look around and watch other people experience it too. Sometimes art is better seen through an abundance of perspectives and an ocean of eyes. Art seen by one person is just art, but art seen by the masses is a shared experience of growth and inspiration. As Revelstoke grows, LUNA will continue to as well, and I can’t wait for the arts and culture in our beautiful town to continue to flourish from this!” KateSheaT shirtDesign23

Kate says she started drawing out of boredom, but the hobby quickly evolved after taking a year off from school when she moved to B.C. Inspired by her new passion, she went back to school for design. Since then, her art has transformed into a freelance side business, Kate Shea Designs. Kate draws her pieces by hand and digitally.

Kate is no stranger to LUNA Fest and has participated twice in LUNA art installations. “I’ve always loved LUNA,” she says. “It was a cool way for me to get involved in installation-type work and bigger pieces.” 

Kate’s artwork on this year’s limited edition t-shirt is her ode to LUNA Fest.  Last year on the weekend of LUNA, Kate couldn’t attend because she was in labour with her son. This year, she is excited to introduce him to the world of nocturnal art and wonder.

You can find more of Kate’s artwork on her social media @katesheadesign

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