Lucas Myers, The Best of the Cromoli Brothers

Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre


Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre
1007 Vernon Avenue, Revelstoke, BC, Canada


January 23 2015


7:30 pm

The Cromoli Brothers are a high-octane mash-up of sketch comedy, stand-up, vaudeville, and musical theatre, with the Brothers performing 15 vignettes ranging from the poignant to the political to the absurd. The audience chooses the order of the vignettes, making for a totally unique show every night!

Including Nude Beach, Cover Song, Sex, Shot in the Dark, Dear Mary I’m in a Gang Now, Pilot Talk, and The Rich, the show also features original songs performed on ukulele, melodica and glockenspiel.

WARNING: NUDE SOCKPUPPETS, META SINCERITY, JESUS Please Note: The Cromoli Brothers contains adult material and is not suitable for children.

Ticket: $15


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