Fresh Set of Tracks

English |
101 mins


February 22 2020

Wynd Marketing present one of very select screenings in Canada! After 3 years of filming and 4 years of production it’s finally time to show this long awaited snowmobiling documentary to the world!

“In Fresh Set of Tracks you get to follow three professional snowmobilers; Cody McNolty (Canada), Duncan Lee (USA) and Simon Selberg (Sweden) as they, over the span of three years, search for new locations to ride snowmobiles in. A search that takes them deep in to the backcountry in three of the most remote and extraordinary places in the world;

– The volcanic peninsula of Kamchatka, Russia.
– The deep north in British Columbia, Canada.
– Deep in to The Scandes, Sweden.

The film delivers a perfect mix of documentary parts and extremely well executed, adrenaline pumping action sequences on snowmobiles. You get to follow these colorful individuals on their adventures, around the world, as they try to get off the same old path in the hunt for the perfect riding areas!”

Current Interior Health regulations permit the theatre to operate at 50% capacity.

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