Jessica Leahey

The Spacebear Odyssey

This is a digital collage made completely from AI-generated imagery.

This is a digital collage made completely from Ai generated imagery. There are 13 images layered on top of each other to create this unique perspective.

Much of my inspiration comes from the intersection of contemporary culture and the natural world – and my lifestyle is pivotal to accurately studying and portraying that paradigm.

This poster was chosen to represent LUNA 2023 by the LUNAtics and we’re excited to share it at LUNA on a large scale.


Saturday, September 23, 2023


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About Jessica Leahey

I am a self-taught artist and freelance illustrator. My working mediums have included painting, illustration, mixed media, and installation.

Having grown up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, its culture is deeply imprinted in my storytelling. My creativity has been inherited from a long line of ‘ideas people’, from painters, to craftsman, to musicians and thankfully, my family is incredibly supportive of creative pursuits. Chasing the snow, I moved west when I was 18 to Banff, Alberta, where I fell in love with mountain town life, and the gritty, passionate, people that choose it. I worked at Sunshine Village where I met my husband, Troy and we relocated to Revelstoke in 2007 when he took on the role of Avalanche Forecaster for the newly developed Revelstoke Mountain Resort. I am a hairstylist by trade and have done time in every ski bum hustle from entrepreneurship, to housekeeping, to ski coaching, to waitressing, to retail… I have done everything but deliver your pizza.

I found my art practice through injury recovery, and have been on a new, more creative path ever since.