Carving out a niche in the pop world, Edmonton’s multi-faceted vocal powerhouse, VISSIA, makes an emotional impact with her genre-spanning, storytelling prowess, earning acclaim across the globe.

Edmonton’s multi-faceted vocal powerhouse – VISSIA – has been carving out a niche in the pop world with her fearless sophomore album, With Pleasure. Hailed as a triumph of pop songwriting, it landed at No. 7 on CKUA’s 2021 Top 100 and has earned her high-profile appearances at c/o Pop in Cologne and the UK’s Great Escape Festival, further solidifying VISSIA’s reputation as an unmissable artist to watch. From R&B, soul, pop, and with a subtle tinge of her folk roots hidden in the details, With Pleasure sees VISSIA set her sights on exploration as she captures the essence of everyday life and turns it into gold. With infectious tracks like “On My Mind” and the haunting “About Moving On,” VISSIA has proven herself to be a versatile and gifted artist with an undeniable presence. As VISSIA’s star continues to rise, she remains dedicated to expansion, passion, and her craft on her forthcoming album, Surfacing, slated for Spring 2024.


Catholic Church, 512 Mackenzie Avenue, Revelstoke


Friday, September 22, 2023


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It is undeniable that Edmonton, Alberta artist – VISSIA – is a songwriting and performing force to be reckoned with. With a show-stopper of a voice and a knack for storytelling, VISSIA captures the minuscule moments of monotonous everyday life and turns them to gold on her fearless new album, With Pleasure; an album that pines for connection, reminiscing on missed connections, and blurry nights out that meant everything. On every song it feels like love is just around the corner. It’s a contagious feeling that makes us hopeful for the future and desperately excited to meet it.