Leno TK

Leno TK is a Ghanaian-Canadian artist who brings his unique spin to melodic trap and R&B.

Ghanaian-Canadian artist Leno TK is a melodic trap and R&B artist, born and raised in Revelstoke, BC. Leno works along side his producer and brother KJ. From his diverse sound to his uptempo live shows, Leno has a range of unique stylistic attributes that has created a consistent and intriguing new sound. Following up his debut EP Northstar, Leno had many great achievements in recent years. Leno achieved 1,000,000+ streams, multiple sold out shows, and many successful artist collaborations. Leno plans to make big strides in 2023 and put Revelstoke on the map as this young talent continues his come up.


Selkirk Room, 112 First Street East, Revelstoke


Friday, September 22, 2023

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About Leno TK

Leno TK’s second album Trendsetter was created during the COVID lockdown in an enforced move back to his hometown, where he and his brother, producer KJ, spent their time working on their music projects. Despite leaving Vancouver just as his career was taking off, he found inspiration in being at home and away from the distractions of the city.

Although he grew up in Revelstoke, a remote mountain community in Western Canada, Leno TK comes from a large musical family in Nungua Estate in Ghana. His father, Nii Tettey Tetteh, is the founder of the Kusun Ensemble, a group blending traditional music with highlife and jazz., Leno TK’s new album is sure to capture new fans’ attention and please his current fanbase in Canada and abroad, as he carries on his family’s musical lineage with his chill snow town vibe.