The Printmakers

Printing Press

Bringing historical print making techniques into a contemporary conversation.

Spurred into imagination by a small meeting in a closet artist’s garage with a beautiful old printing press this piece showcases a small (or rather quite large) glimpse into the world of printmaking; an art form that usually happens in small, close quartered artist studios.

For this printmaking project we have multiplied the scale and gone big, really really big, and the only way to make a large print with wood cut or lino is to use an equally giant roller… a steamroller.


1st St – Selkirk Medical


Saturday, September 23, 2023

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About The Printmakers

The Printmakers are a collaborative print collective founded by five local Revelstoke artists.

Brett Mallon is an Australian painter, printmaker and arts educator living and working in Revelstoke, BC. His work explores isolation, memory and time.

Cornelius Suchy has been a closet artist for 40 years and would like to roll out his love of printmaking in a big way. He has taught wood etching classes at RVAC in the past.

Dylan Hardy is a local entrepreneur, engineer and volunteer.

Meghan Porath is the current director of the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre. She is a self educated graphic designer and digital illustrator.

Rob Buchanan is a Revelstoke based award-winning professional photographer, artist, designer & editorial cartoonist. Rob is one of the original founders of Luna.