Taylor Sandell

Express Snail Mail

Write a letter to a stranger and have it delivered by a rollerskating snail.

“Express Snail Mail” features a squad of humble human snails who have evolved past their slow and sluggish stereotypes. For one night only these dedicated postal workers come out of the woodwork to help grow our community’s connection through snail mail.

Write a letter, drop it off at our post box and it will be delivered to a stranger attending the festival.

Sewing by Ella Carmichael.


HQ Grizzly Plaza: Roving


Saturday, September 23, 2023


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About Taylor Sandell

Taylor Sandell is a multimedia artist who finds joy in exploring new mediums. Her portfolio includes projection mapping, animation, linocutting, illustration, and more.

No matter the medium, Taylor’s signature style comes from her compulsion to combine the weird with the familiar; weird becomes wonderful when it’s tethered to an element we recognize. This marriage often ends in eccentric creations that appeal to those with a soft spot for the strange.