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A tall, stainless steel trunk covered in colourful roosting butterflies.

Haven is a tall stainless steel tree trunk covered in colourful, roosting stainless butterflies created by the team at Metal Mind Forge lead by Kyle Thornley. A driving belief is the potential of art to make us more present and engaged in our world. Art in public places can be the bridge that connects all segments of the community – to validate particular histories and traditions, to establish a collective identity, and to give expression to diverse experiences and aspirations.


Saturday, September 23, 2023


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About Metal Mind Forge

Kyle Thornley is an Artist Blacksmith from Revelstoke, BC. For the last 17 years, Kyle has been creating art with metals through commissioned pieces, architectural metalwork, exhibitions, and public art.

Kyle is compelled by the practice of blacksmithing – the technical and physical demands, the artistic and utilitarian impact, and the link to deep, historical roots. The ironic suppleness and delicacy of the metal are matched by its strength and durability, rendering any design possible while providing robust, lasting beauty.

Kyle’s family provides significant inspiration for his work as an artist. His role as partner and father helps broaden his perspectives, teaches him flexibility and adaptability, and reminds him of finding delight in the moment, all of these deeply aligned with the making of art. Additional motivation comes from Kyle’s commitment to the health of our natural world. Ultimately, if his work encourages people to take a moment, to look at something with a fresh perspective, to care about our world and environmental stewardship, then his own optimism and creativity are fed.