Heather Dawn Sparks

Edge Effect

Crafted from sparks searing through steel. See the wilds of nature shift into spectres of shadow and light.

In ecology, the edge effect describes how there is a greater biodiversity of life where two or more ecosystems overlap.

Hand cut designs of Sword Fern, Nootka Rose, Elderberry, Pacific Trailing Blackberry, and Salmonberry emerge to create a forested understory of light. The wing tips of Owl cut the sky to let cyclical moons shine through.

In this time of converging climate and humanitarian crisis, biomimicry – the study of nature and land based cultures – provides the message and the means to solve complex human problems. Through the process of re-wilding space and elevating shadow, Edge Effect serves as a metaphor and translation of interconnected nature based systems.


Roxy Alley


Saturday, September 23, 2023


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About Heather Dawn Sparks

Living and working in Nuwhaha, Coast Salish territories, Heather Dawn Sparks conjures the wilds of nature into expressive visual narratives.

Intricate cut designs are layered with colour changing film, prisms, mirrors and light to create ephemeral works of shadow and light art. Nature oriented themes are further reflected in action.

Sparks has created installations in over 6 countries, 30 cities and 40+ global art events.