Gretchen Hickmott

Diving Upwards

A sculptural exploration swimming dreamily into the sky.

Diving Upwards is a sculptural exploration of the ways in which growth and evolution often require shifts in perspective, allowance for paradox, optimistic space for surprise and the unknown.

What does it take to truly become something new? We have chosen to use unusual elemental combinations to encourage viewers to consider the potent roles that whimsy, playfulness, and the suspension of reason, can play in creating meaningful change.

We are presenting archetypal predators swimming dreamily into the sky as a meditation exploring collaborative possibilities between modern culture and our changing environment.


Craft Bierhaus


Saturday, September 23, 2023

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About Gretchen Hickmott

Gretchen is a project based multi medium artist focusing on themes of archetypal relationships, intimacy, and the constructs of time.

She has exhibited sculpture and illustration work in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand. She attended the BFA program at Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary and is currently attending an illustration program at Emily Carr University. Gretchen has been artworking and playing in Revelstoke since 2018.