Brent Strand

Powder Slug Express

Now Boarding the Powder Slug Express.

The Powder Slug Express has been a staple of LUNA Festival since its inception. It was created by Trent Kappler, Jana Thompson, and Rob Buchanan as a tribute to Revelstoke’s iconic Powder Slug chairlift from the old ski hill on Mt. Mackenzie.

Take a ride on one of the three ski lift chairs converted into chariots being whipped around the downtown core pulled by bicycles.


Orton, 2nd, 3rd, alley


Saturday, September 23, 2023

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About Brent Strand

Powder Slug Express team consists of Brent Strand, Tina Witt, Dean Prunkle, Dana Cloghesy, Trent Kappler, Barb McGregor,f and Dave Pearson. We are a passionate group of locals that want to keep the Powder Slug Express alive! We feel we can provide a safe fun filled experience for people of all ages.