Big Eddy Glass Works Inc.

Garden Works

Garden Works is an arbor of glass foliage coming together to create an immersive installation of delicate growth.

An arbor of glass greenery, Garden Works will be comprised of hundreds of pieces of glass woven together with lighting to create an immersive and interactive display of foliage. This piece will highlight colour and shape, while calling attention to the fragility of a garden’s growth.


Quartermaster Alley


Saturday, September 23, 2023


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About Big Eddy Glass Works Inc.

Big Eddy Glass Works is a glassblowing studio and gallery located in the Big Eddy neighbourhood of Revelstoke, B.C.

The studio is comprised of a team of 5 glass artists: Leah Allison, Hunter Haig, Jared Last, Ella Carmichael, and Tyler Kathol. As a team, the artists work with glass through glass blowing, flame-working, fusing, and cold working to complete installations.

They bring over 30 years of experience with them to complete projects using all levels of the material.We are focused on creating art with every piece of material provided, including glass waste, colour scraps and recyclable material to reduce the amount of glass going into the landfill.