Barbara Maye


Freiheit is a table for one with all elements created solely from tiny pieces of paper.

Freiheit represents that in a shattered place, there is always hope to rise and find stability even with weak resources. Teetering on the difference between alone and lonely, growth begins with the courage to looking within, at our shadow selves and seek the answers for us there.

The words revealed in the shadow of the viewer are a dictionary definition of the title of the piece – Freiheit (Freedom). When we understand that freedom is the gift of acceptance of our whole selves, we understand that freedom is the gift of acceptance of our whole planet, and then we all flourish.


Funeral Parlour


Saturday, September 23, 2023


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About Barbara Maye

Barbara Maye is a multi-media artist who has dedicated 27 years to creating art that invites contact, close inspection, and self-recognition. By presenting unique perspectives in form and material, all her works are an exploration of, and mirror for self-awareness and reconnection.

Deeply inspired by cultures honouring the natural world, Barbara’s art refers to the origins — wood and paper as tree, stone as mountain, body as spirit. By exploring sentient and non-sentient experiences in nature, she believes we can better understand ourselves and how to move through the challenges of our journey. And through willing and conscious openness to a change in perspective, we can shift anything into the positive realm of possibility.