Ansel Anderson

Oneironautics of Avant-Garde Paracosms

Vibrant nature-scapes.

A colourful collection of vibrant, semi-abstract nature-scapes inspired by the mountains, forests, and oceans of Earth.

Ansel’s art seamlessly weaves together patterns of the natural world, with an eye-catching combination of bright colours and contrast. The use of mosaic-inspired patterns, bold shapes, and blank space, creates a unique harmony that bridges opposites and polarities.


Roxy Theatre Foyer


Saturday, September 23, 2023


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About Ansel Anderson

Ansel is a visionary creator from the Kootenays whose artwork seamlessly fuses the essence of the natural world with vibrant and semi-abstract surrealism.

Since an early age, art, imagination, nature, and creative expression have been prominent themes in Ansel’s life. Exploring Nature, asking expansive questions, and inquiring about the nature of reality and human potential are ongoing passions, and visual art, writing, movement, and music provide perfect ways to express this.