Andy Kermack

My Greenhouse

My Greenhouse focuses on an individual's personal growth within a space that is meaningful to them.

Discussions surrounding mental health are becoming more common and important within today’s society as people normalize the idea of exploring one’s mental health to better themselves.

I found that people, myself included, will find or create a space that is meaningful and safe, which allows them to explore themselves and grow. My Greenhouse features 7 individuals within a meaningful, and safe, space that they created, that allowed them to grow – their own greenhouses.


First Street (outside the Regent Hotel)


Saturday, September 23, 2023


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About Andy Kermack

Andy is a creative photographer currently based in Calgary with roots in Revelstoke. He focuses on storytelling with his imagery in effort to create meaningful work that provokes thought and emotion.

Movies are a large influence for him with his photography and lives by the motto “this needs more colour, yo”.