Snowpack sLayers

Jess Leahey

Making Of Snowpack sLayers

A familiar brick wall is transformed into a ski slope, with dancing shadows and playful skiers in this intriguing three dimensional work. This piece of living art changes with time, weather and the movement of the sun, like a sundial. It reimagines and celebrates an often underappreciated era of Revelstoke architecture, and playfully highlights one of our community’s favourite pastimes, skiing

Artist: Jess Leahey

Jessica Leahey is a full time, self-taught artist, and freelance illustrator. Her working mediums have included painting, illustration, mixed media, and installation. Much of her inspiration comes from the intersection of contemporary culture and the natural world – and her lifestyle is pivotal to accurately studying and portraying that paradigm. Deep Powder, Flowy trails, good coffee, and love… What else is there? I found my art practice through injury recovery, and have been on a new, more creative path ever since.