I Hugged a Bear in Revelstoke

Turbo Bambi (Claudia Simon)

Making Of I Hugged a Bear in Revelstoke

Infusing a blend of Kawaii style illustration and street art to bring a little piece of nature into the urban space. The artwork is a fantasy representation of our mountainscape and wildlife. Bright colours, funky patterns and playful aesthetics are intended to spark the feeling of joy that so many of us can relate to when playing outside in the mountains.

Artist: Turbo Bambi (Claudia Simon)

Cruising through the mountains of Revelstoke, BC, Bambi likes to dip her brush in both digital and traditional art. Her work is fueled by the snow • surf • skate lifestyle, the beauty of the West Coast and seasoned with her French-Canadian roots. With maple syrup flowing through her veins, Bambi’s art is loaded with colours, fantasy & humour. Simply put, her passion for art & the outdoors leads her to live by the words “Shred & Create”.