Coming Home

Ric Gendron

Making Of Coming Home

Gendron has created two giant diptychs, both densely populated by sn̓ ʕay̓ ckstx (Sinixt/Arrow Lakes) faces past and present, alongside many Indigenous symbols. These vibrant and figurative works boldly confirm the deep connection to Revelstoke that his people share with this land. Sn̓ ʕay̓ ckstx, which translates to “place of the bull trout people” are the people of the Upper Columbia Basin. This is their homeland.

Artist: Ric Gendron

Ric Gendon’s paintings bespeak a life lived within the contested narratives of the American West. An enrolled member of the Arrow Lakes Band of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville, Gendron’s unflinching, expressionistic work chronicles a life in full—experience, history, heritage, identity, memory—in ways both thought-provoking and unexpected.