A Friend of a Friend

Bruno Long

Making Of A Friend of a Friend

‘A Friend of a Friend’ started out as photographer Bruno Long’s simple human desire for deeper community connection. Through the thread of friendship, the project wound its way through the community of Revelstoke, BC, introducing Bruno to people he would never otherwise have met, and culminating in a large-scale Art Alleries portrait series.

Artist: Bruno Long

Born and raised in New Brunswick, Long moved to Revelstoke almost 15 years ago searching for a quiet mountain life. Building on a passion for photography, he has grown his passion into a career as an internationally-acclaimed action sports photographer. Having travelled all over the world in his pursuit of documenting skiing, mountain biking and other outdoor pursuits, he has always loved Revelstoke more than all the exotic places he has travelled to, enjoying the mountains and forests that surround him, as well as the thriving community. He has worked for dozens of magazines, large commercial clients and a multitude of large-scale film production crews.