Jared Wayne featuring Nik Winnitowy

jared wayne gg 2020 1

Jared Wayne featuring Nik Winnitowy – Performing together on Acoustic Guitar and Pedal Steel. Searching for the songs that impress their senses. These two combine efforts to weave through a mix of new and old tracks, embracing their roots¬† towards a more rural flavour. Growing up in the Ottawa Valley has cemented a rooted appreciation […]

Great Lake Swimmers

great lake summers 2016

Featuring a blend of acoustic instruments, rural soundscapes, and wistful vocals, Great Lake Swimmers are an indie folk group led by songwriter/vocalist Tony Dekker. The band is currently promoting their sixth album, A Forest of Arms. With their surging rhythm section, razor sharp violin, and flourishing banjo and guitars, Tony Dekker ad his band mates […]