Hey LUNAtics! We're thrilled to introduce you to an absolute game-changer for this year's festival – the Woov app. Get ready to take your festival experience to new heights with this digital companion designed to make your LUNA Fest journey unforgettable, all while embracing sustainability.
Arts Revelstoke is searching for two Event Coordinators to join our team for REVY.Live Outside, our summer series of live music performances in Revelstoke's Grizzly Plaza!
Uprooted, the Journey of Jazz Dance is a film that explores and celebrates jazz dance's African roots, history, lineage and future progressions through a social and political lens.
Tennyson King is a nomadic indie folk musician from Hong Kong and Canada performing in Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and South East Asia.
Pioneers of the Folk/Medieval/Celtic genres in Brazil.
Elise Boulanger is a sweet darkness wrapped in orchestral instrumentation.
These two 'best-spuds' formed an acoustic duo (hence the 'tandem' part) that features the works of folk/pop artists Kayla Williams and Melody Stang, held together with witty between-song banter created from years touring as musical comedy act The Dirrty Show.