When marketing your event, you should consider a number of different advertising outlets including local newspapers and listings, radio stations, posters and social media.


Revelstoke Mountaineer – offer advertisements and advertorial opportunities.

Revelstoke Review – purchase an ad in the weekly printed paper and online. Consider buying in bulk to save money.

Both newspapers have free ‘What’s On’ listings, just be sure to get them the details of your event a couple of weeks ahead of when it is happening.


EZ Rock (Astral radio) – It is very effective to do a week of ads with 4 or 5 a day right before your event. Consider going on their morning show to help promote your event.

Stoke FM – Revelstoke’s local radio station offers reasonable rates for advertising packages. Consider going on their morning show to help promote your event.

Stoke FM also send out info bulletins about what is happening in the community, again be sure to get them your event info well ahead of time.


Posters – you can have posters in town from Lakeside Printing. We suggest you print size: 8.5” x 11” (standard letter size) so that they can easily be put up on the notice boards around town.

Poster Distribution – we offer poster distribution for $35 for approximately 30 posters.  Contact for more information.

Social Media:

The Stoke List – a local classifieds listing which also hosts discussions and event info.

Facebook, Twitter, Other Local Websites

Email blasts – City of Revelstoke, Chamber of Commerce, Stoke FM and many other organisations send out email blasts, contact them directly for this service.


The Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre is a new state-of-the-art facility in the mountain community of Revelstoke, BC.

Theatre InsideTheatre:

It is a proscenium arch theatre with a sprung stage, orchestra pit and a full lighting rig. The theatre has comfortable continental seating and is stylishly decorated with locally-milled wood. The house has been designed for top quality acoustics that are well suited to a wide range of performances.  It also has a convenient loading dock located behind stage left.

Lobby and backstage:

The theatre’s lobby space boasts a vaulted roof, floor-to-ceiling windows, and wide staircases overlooking the lobby and entranceway. The theatre has large dressing rooms, modern audience washrooms, a box office/concession booth.


Box Office (both online and outlets), HD projection, conference presentation set-up, sound and lighting assistance, marketing advice and front-of-house operation.


We offer competitive rental rates.

Other charges include 10% of total ticket revenue, custodial charges and hourly front-of-house and technical service charges.

Equipment List

Stage Information


Seating capacity – 275 plus 4 wheel chair positions in back row house R and L

Continental seating

Stage dimensions:

Hard Proscenium opening: Width – 39’2”  Height – 18’8”

Soft Proscenium Valance opening: Height – 17’-2”

Total stage width (including wings, proscenium NOT centered) – 76’ 6”

SR wing – 15’8”

SL wing – 20’8”

US side of Pros to DS edge of pit – 13’4”

US side of Pros to DS edge of apron – 4’11”

US side of Pros to CYC – 21’6”


  • Plywood, non-working deck with black painted hardboard cover and rubber feet.
  • * Do not screw into the stage floor, Do not paint the stage floor.

Orchestra Pit:

  • Removable pit cover (Staging Concepts Platform Decking)
  • Access: Side entrance from House
  • Width where stage meets pit – 24’ 6’’
  • Maximum width of pit – 30’
  • Arc of pit – 47’ radius

Loading Area:

  • Stage Left wing is 9’ from loading bay through 2 passage doors which are 7’10” wide x 8’9” high

Loading Bay Door:

  • Height: Maximum 10’, Width: Maximum 10’

*Use of Hazer consult with Program Manager

No Food or Drinks on Stage or in the wings.  Bottled water permitted.

Dressing Rooms:

  • 2 @ 20 People
  • Each dressing room has a sink, wheelchair accessible washrooms and private changing rooms. There are stage monitors in both.


Main Curtain:

  • Green velour, positioned at proscenium, manually operated from SR wing


  • 3 pairs @ 9′ X 23’, black velour

Mid-Stage Traveller:

  • Black velour, manually operated from SR wing.

Up-Stage Traveller:

  • Black velour, manually operated from SR wing, covers cyc


  • 1 @ 50′ X 23′

Border Trims dead hung #1- 18’7”, #2 -19’

(Booth located house rear)


  • Located house rear
  • Accessible from foyer house
  • Access to FOH catwalks

Lighting Control:

  • ETC ION XE 20 Console – 2,048 Outputs
  • There are 87 circuits throughout the theatre hard wired to 87 dimmers (dimmer per circuit)


79 @ 20 amps, Twistlock connections in the sky.

8 @ 20 amps, Twistlock connections on the floor.

Lighting Instruments:       


  • 20 – Strand Leko Lite  zoom 15-32 degree
  • 2 – SPX zoom 15-35 degrees
  • 2 – SPX zoom 25-50 degrees
  • 2 – ETC Source Four 26º
  • 10 – ETC ColorSource Spot LED deep blue Source 4 25-50 Degree Zoom Lens
  • 3 – ETC ColorSource Spot LED deep blue Fresnel Lens


  • 22 – Selecom Acclaim Fresnels
  • 2 – ETC ColorSource Par LED deep blue
  • 12 – Colorado Tri Ip LED

Cyclorama lights

  • 5  – Altman LED Spectra Cyc 100

There are NO follow spots or dedicated follow spot positions

Power Source

1. Location: Stage Right, Capacity: 50 amps, Phase: 1, Voltage: 220, Cycles: 60

2. Location: Stage Left, Capacity: 50 amps, Phase: 1, Voltage: 220, Cycles: 60

3. Location: Stage Right, Capacity: 200 amps, Phase: 3, Voltage: 120/208, Cycles: 60


1. All LX’s and borders are dead hung from a 1 ½” pipe grid on 4’6” centers forming a series of ‘grid’ squares extending well into each wing.

2. There is NO capability to fly.

**CONTACT US for a Lighting Plot if needed** 

Sound Equipment
(Booth located house rear)

Booth Equipment:

  • Sound Board – Midas M32 Digital Mixing Console
  • Multi-zone mixer/amplifier (PZS 140RA) – 5 Channels, 4 Zones
  • 1 CD Players – TASCAM CD-200 SINGLE DISC


  • Desk Mount Paging Microphone
  • Wireless Microphones (1 Lapel and 1 Headset):
  • Handheld Microphones (6 wired, 4 wireless):
    • SHURE SM58 –  6 VOCAL MIC
  • Sennheiser 609 – 2
  • Sennheiser Drum Mic Kit
    • e604 – 4 Clip on drom mic
    • e614 – 2 Pencil Condensor
    • e602-ll 0 1 kick drum mic
  • Podium Microphone: Audio-Technical (Pro 490L)
  • Stage Microphone: 1 Unidirectional Condenser Stage Mic

Speakers and Monitors:

  • House Centre Speakers: 2 Yorkville NX12
  • House front Speakers: 2 Presonus ULT12
  • House Rear Speakers: 2 JBL EON315 15″ 2WAY POWERED SPEAKER SYSTEM
  • House Subs:2 Presonus ULT12
  • Stage Monitors (For set up, not installed): 4 EV ELX115P (more maybe available on request and dependent on the time of year)

Extra stage speakers if needed or requested: (For request only, for rental bookings)

  • 4 QSC KLA12 Powdered Array Speakers
  • 2 QSC KLA 12 Powered Array Subwoofers


  • Theatre Intercom: DX210 4 wireless, 1 wired Communication Head-Sets

Additional Sound:

  • Stage Mic (SM81 Cardioid Condenser Microphone)
  • Programme Sound backstage & in booths

Power Source

  • Location: Stage Right, Capacity: 50 amps, Phase: 1, Voltage: 220, Cycles: 60 (Outlet is Hubble 6365 California Twist)
  • Location: Stage Left, Capacity: 50 amps, Phase: 1, Voltage: 220, Cycles: 60 (Outlet is Hubble 6365 California Twist)
  • Location: Stage Right, Capacity: 200 amps, Phase: 3, Voltage: 120/208, Cycles: 60 (Outlet is individual 40 Camlock)


  • Fender Hotrod Deluxe IV Guitar Amp
  • Fender Rumblee Stage 800 Bass Amp
  • Yamaha Stage Drum Set with Paste Cymbals
    • 22′ Kick
    • 16′ Tom
    • 12′ Tom
    • 10′ Tom
    • 14′ Snare
    • 14′ Hats
    • 14′ China
    • 16′ Crash
    • 20′ Ride


  • CCTV Camera linked to monitors in Dressing Rooms, Wings and Box Office
  • HD Projector (permanently mounted in tech booth) – Barco DP2K 6E Projector, Motorized Lens (2.0-3.0), Lamp (2 X 465 Watts HUP Modules)
  • Projection Screen: Retractable, permanently mounted above stage, Screen Width: 24′, Screen Height: 16′, Room Width: 56′, Room Length: 63′, Room Height: 26′
  • 1 Ultra HD BluRay Player: Sony (UBP-X800)
  • VGA to HDMI Scaler with VGA Local Out – Atlona AT-HD510VGA


  • HDMI, and 3/8″ sound patch panels in booth and stage left positions

Other Equipment
(Enquire regarding availability)

Genie Lift
  • Genie AWP-30S (outrigger legs)
  • Hubble 6365 California Twist to Standard Range Plug

Musical Instruments:

  • Piano: 1 concert baby grand

Local Piano Tuner:

  • Available upon request


  • 100 stacking, blue and green
  • 4 black music chairs
  • 4 black padded music chairs

Music Stand:

  • 6 On Stage Music Stands
  • 6 double LED Music Stand Lights


  • 20 6’ trestle
  • 1 black 4’x3′
  • 1 small table

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