The Revelstoke Project


November 24 - 25 2016


7:30 pm

From the hill to the mill, from the ski to the sled, from the 4×4 to the MTB and everything in between. Lucsa Myers will be using his talent from storytelling and observation humour to celebrate the many faces that make up the world of Revelstoke, in a new work commissioned by the Revelstoke Arts Council.

During the making of this show, Lucas visited Revelstoke repeatedly, met hundreds of locals, collecting quirky and original stories, and delved into what it is that makes Revelstoke unique.

The Revelstoke Project is a  brand new theatre work uniquely Revelstoke full of original songs and music, to be premiered at the Revelstoke Preforming Arts Centre, don’t miss out, but you tickets today!

Tickets by donation.

Current Interior Health regulations permit the theatre to operate at 50% capacity.

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