Montreal Guitar Trio

Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre


Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre
1007 Vernon Avenue, Revelstoke, BC, Canada


November 10 - 11 2018


7:30 pm

Described by the CBC as the “hottest” guitar ensemble in Canada, MG3has quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with. For over 20years, the trio’s virtuosity, rigour, creativity and impressive stage presence have been winning over audiences around the world.

The trio,composed of guitarists Sébastien Dufour, Glenn Lévesque and MarcMorin, has given hundreds of concerts in some of the most prestigious venues across North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Their music is diverse and in corporates influences from around the world. One moment their music may be in the rock style, then it can go from folk to reggae to samba from Brazil. It’s the buzz and energy that makes it a brand new style.

“Simply stunning artistry with a flair for determining songs that play out well on a variety of levels in a live concert.”–Dan St. Yves Calgary Herald

Tickets: $15

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