La Monarca by Flamenco Rosario


April 07 2018


7:30 pm

Flamenco Rosario brings the rhythm and song of flamenco to Revelstoke. Flamenco is a highly expressive dance form that combines dance, guitar playing, and singing. Hand-clapping, sweeping arm movements, and percussive feet stomping characterize the dance that is also known for its vibrant and eye-catching costumes.

The monarch butterfly’s sleepy transformation from its caterpillar stage evokes the transformational journey ofFlamenco Rosario from its roots in traditional forms to its symbolic wings in contemporary creations such as La Monarca, inspired by the monarch butterfly.

La Monarca lends insight into our motivations and driving force through understanding the Monarch butterfly; its cycle of life and constant migration.

Tickets: $20

Current Interior Health regulations permit the theatre to operate at 100% capacity.

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