Christine Tassen Et Les Imposteures

Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre


Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre
1007 Vernon Avenue, Revelstoke, BC, Canada


November 05 2015


7:30 pm

Christine Tassan et les Imposteures invite us all to join them and share some bubbles!

Tireless explorer of the Gypsy jazz world, the four-woman band confirms their originality and offers a new show sparkling with invigorating ingredients: subtle harmonies, modern inflections and playful shams. Add a tangy and tonic jazz base, an assortment of brilliant songs, a pinch of Cuban flavors, a hint of Argentinean languor, a dash of poetry, an exquisite Quebec whiff, and most importantly a great deal of humor!

Pioneers in a domain usually reserved for men and precursors of the gypsy wave that swept across Québec, this all-woman quartet continues to reinvent this timeless music while integrating new ideas and influences with an originality and flair we have become familiar with. From standards to original compositions, the Imposteures’ musical arrangements innovate, rejuvenate and leave room for un-bridled creativity from four talented and accomplished young women.

‘Their stage act is full of spirit, humour and camaraderie and they readily engage the audience, often venturing into the crowd while playing, making for a very down to earth but uplifting musical experience.’-CBCNews,Saskatchewan

Tickets: $15

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