Raven Meets the Monkey King by Axis Theatre

Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre


Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre
1007 Vernon Avenue, Revelstoke, BC, Canada


November 02 2013


11:00 am

JJ, an inquisitive 11 year old, dreams of becoming a rich and famous treasure hunter and hits the jackpot when she buys a mysterious box from a garage sale. Once she gets home the box magically opens releasing the spirits of the Raven (First Nations) and the Monkey King (Chinese), who were trapped in the box for ninety years. These tricksters, renowned in their respective cultures, share their stories and life lessons and guide JJ to understand that the value of money pales in comparison to the values of family and history. Past and present all join together in a rollicking tale of how our lives are transformed by the people we meet, the choices we make and the stories we tell. Watch a clip of the show here.

Tickets $4 adults, $2 children, $10 family

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